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Large character marking

Our large character inkjet printers

Large, easy-to-read markings, ink consumption according to requirements and use under extreme environmental conditions – that´s what our REA JET DOD 2.0 Large Character Inkjet Printers are made for.

Absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces can be easily marked with texts, data or logos using individually controllable nozzles up to a character height of 140 mm per print head and a speed potential of up to 600 m/min. If larger prints are required, the print heads can be combined.

Dust, humidity, heat or cold are no problem, they tolerate vibrations and temperature fluctuations from minus 5° to plus 45° C. Their modular design and intuitive operation make the inkjet printers highly flexible.

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Completely maintenance-free product marking

Our high-resolution inkjet printers based on HP cartridge technology

High-resolution markings of up to 600 dpi, a new printing unit with every cartridge change and solvent-free inks enable markings with the best legibility and resolution.

The REA JET HR ink jet printers with HP printing technology mark smooth and absorbent surfaces at a height of 12.7 mm per print head. For larger print heights, several print heads can be combined with each other.

Up to 50 serialized prints per second and production speeds of 762 m/min make the inkjet printer suitable for industrial use without restrictions.

Accelerate your processes. Tell us your coding and marking requirements and we will make it work.

Versatile and multi-line direct printing

Our high resolution inkjet printers based on piezo technology

Direct, high-contrast marking on absorbent and porous surfaces and a horizontal resolution of up to 1200 dpi – these are our high resolution Piezo Inkjet Printers REA JET GK 2.0.

Alphanumeric texts, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics can be applied in multiple lines at speeds of up to 200 m/min with high print quality and up to 100 mm print height with only one print head on absorbent and porous surfaces. Even under extreme production environments of plus 10° to plus 40° C and a max. humidity of 90%, products are reliably marked. For large logos, several print heads can also be easily combined. Flexible direct marking means that labels can be replaced using the high resolution piezo inkjet printer.

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Marking technology for small fonts

Our small character inkjet printers

Contact-free marking, even with a large product distance, and print quality at the highest level with our small character inkjet printers REA JET SC 2.0 based on Continuous Inkjet Technology (CIJ).

Up to 8-lines of text, barcodes, data matrix codes and logos can be applied to smooth and coated surfaces in a continuous flow of ink. The continuous inkjet technology prevents the ink from drying up and ensures that the system is ready for immediate use. Unused ink drops are recycled, ensuring an economical use of ink and thinner.

The continuous inkjet technology allows the product to be guided along the print head at a greater distance. Even at high production and marking speeds, marking is fast, cost-effective and flexible.

Accelerate your processes. Tell us your coding and marking requirements and we will make it work.

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